How to Easily Unlock Internet Modems Without Any Software

Hello fans we are back with Amazing trick again because of much request on our portal.
Although unlocking modems is becoming an easier task some people Still find it hard to Unlock Modem because they need a Software to Generate the Unlock Code but the Good News is that their is good Website that offer Modem Unlock Code for both ZTE and Huawei modems where you Provide your Modem IMEI Number only.

With this Website, You don’t need to have your Own PC before you can Unlock Modem.

Steps to Get Your Modem Unlocked Online
√ Get your Modem and Look at the Back to
Locate its IMEI Number, Usually Start with
e.g 352379420752120, Just Write down th
Number and the Maker or model of the
Modem e.g Huawei or ZTE.
√ Click on any of this Link:
for Huawei Modem | For ZTE Modem
Then you will see a Space for IMEI, Enter th
Number at the Back of your Modem and th
click on the Calculator Button.
√ Your code will be Provided to You e.g
Unlock: 37661250 or NCK = 37663240

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Now The Next Steps To Take!
1. The Generating of the Code is always the
Part of Modem Unlocking, What you have
next is to Remove the SIM Card in your M
and Insert another SIM Card that is differe
the Network of the Modem e.g If the Mod
MTN Modem, You will have to Insert an
Sim or TIGO into the Modem and Plug it t
2. Just wait, A Pop Up will come up requesti
your Unlock Code, Just Enter the Code yo
Generated from the Website e.g 3766125
click on OK.
3. Congratulation, Your Modem has been Unl
and you can now Use it with any Network
Note: Some people charge money, in order to
unlock modem for people using this trick,
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