How to Withdraw U.S.A & U.K Funds to Your Local Bank Account in Nigeria

Get the best out of your Payooner Account as I am going to show you the steps you can use to withdraw your U.s & U.k Funds into your Local bank in Nigeria.


Payooner is an online platform that enables money transfer online and also for e-commerce Payment. They were incorporated by MasterCard service provider which solely base in the New York.


If you are in Nigeria and your source of income is through Google AdSense, then you need a payooner account for Google payment.


What is then Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an Advertising placement Network, It is meant for Site owners either website or blogs for monetization by placing a targeted  Ads on the website and viewers clicked before you can get paid.


We know how difficult it might be to get a Nigeria Google AdSense and Due to Anxiety you will left in between shadows and decide to apply other preferred countries but this is accompanied by many task to be done like verification and Tax I.D for USA AdSense account. Good news is that payooner doesn’t restrict usage on like PayPal and you will get your MasterCard shipped wherever you are.

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Like I have wrote earlier, you will be guide on how to easily withdraw U.S & U.K funds into your Local bank account in Nigeria. These are the steps below;

✔ Step 1: Login to your Payooner Dashboard account if you have already register and if you want to create one for yourself go to  to earn 25$ free


✔ Step 2: From the list of options, Tap on “Receive Payments” , select the country and copy the details of your bank Account either for U.S or U.K


✔ Step 3: Depending on the Country, You are required to fill your exact information to Your AdSense account. Example, for USA AdSense

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👉 Name of the Bank account Holder (Your Exact Name on the Account)

👉 Type of the Account

👉 Account Number

👉 Routing NumberNumber


✔ Step 4: in your Google AdSense account go to payments settings from there you see “Banks”


✔ Step 5: You will be required to fill a form. Please enter the details in your payooner account and make sure the Account holder’s time Tally’s and for “Action Type” Tap Checking.

✔Step 6: Tap on Submit and Google will Verify the ownership of the Account after you have link them together by sending below 1$. Then enter the exact amount in your AdSense account.


Note: You will wait for 2-3 business days to know the exact amount send to you.


✔ Step 7: if all details are enter correctly and Google could verify the ownership of your Account, You will receive your first payment below 1$ without glitch and subsequent payment without any problem.


Congrats, When you reach the threshold for payment, Google will send it to your Payooner Account every 25th of each month and hope you will remember me too 😁. If you are not a site owner and always want to withdraw your U.K & U.S Funds into your local bank account, You can try this also.

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