How to Get Free Airtime with MTN MusicPlus+

Good day Guys, Do you wish to get free Airtime on Your MTN sim Daily? Yeah your on the right article as I will show you what you never knew before. If we can still remember early Last year 2016 and also 2015 we rock Musicplus+ free browsing Tweak where free 150MB is given by which we send D in a text message to 5900 and after exhausting the Megabytes, To unsubscribe Send Cancel7D to 5900 and also to get additional 150MB before the next days, if you could remember vividly, we send I to Send 5900 to get extra 150MB which makes it 300MB maximum for that day and then till the next day.

All what we did back then is accumulating points on the music+ App which before now we werent aware of it and this bonus point can be converted to Airtime for free which will be credited to your Phone Via VTU mobile recharge. The good thing is that Each day you login Musicplus+ App, You can keep accumulating Points which means more points more Airtime and there is not restriction to the amount of airtime to be withdraw for a day with Musicplus+ App. Anyways, I will show you guys how to Login your Musicplus+ App to see your points and get free Airtime to your phone with it.

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How To Login with Musicplus+ App
✔ First of all download the Musicplus+ app HERE
✔ Launch and open musicplus+ App
✔ Enter your Phone number without the first digit (0) e.g in case of my number 7068266807

✔ Click on Get Code and a 6 Digits pin will be send to you to login the Musicplus+ App.

NOTE: To get your Pin, Ensure you have data on the MTN Sim you want to use to login because using any Sim data will not receive Any Pin.

✔ After Successful login, Click on the 3 horizontal lines and you will see your number, tap on it and you will be directed to another page, Scroll down and click on BONUS POINTS.

✔ Now you Can redeem the points with Airtime of N100 or N50

✔ 5000points gives N100 airtime which means to get N500 you will need 25000 Points.

Haven known that, You will need to know how to Accumulate points to keep getting Airtime free From MTN.

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How To Accumulate Points on Musicplus+ App

1. 10 bonus points are rewarded for the 1st day sign-in; 20 bonus points for the 2nd day sign-in; 30 bonus points for the 3rd day sign-in; 40 bonus points for the 4th day sign-in; 50 bonus points for the 5th day sign-in; and 50 bonus points for each consecutive sign-in days after the 5th day.

2. user must sign-in daily to receive a maximum of 50 bonus points a day. Failure to sign-in on the next day will refresh the flow, and user gets 10 points for the next sign-in;

3. 10 bonus points are rewarded for successful registration;

4. 10 bonus points are rewarded for sharing music to Twitter or Facebook each time. Up to 50 bonus points can be rewarded each day.

5. 1 bonus point is rewarded for each N cost for all consumption behaviors, including purchase, subscription and renewal.

These is just bonus for sign in but if you really want to get 1000 bonus points which is equivalent to N20, follow the guide.

✔ From the menu, Tap in Music plan, then subscribe for 30days free trial

✔ After that Send STOP TO 5900 in a text message and you will be able to subscribe again. Do this for like 6-7 times a day and quite till the next 24 hours

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Note: If you Exceed the require points for that day, MTN will blacklist your number which you won’t be able to get points again or use Future Musicplus+ cheat MB.

Follow these guide above and keep getting and enjoying your Airtime free daily.

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