3 Tools To Know VPN With Fake Server Locations

VPN simply stand for Virtual Private Network and it’s mostly used to hide ones IP, change locations or appear Anonymous on the internet. But unknown to some of us, most of the popular VPN apps and services have fake server locations. Meaning when you think you are using USA server, you might actually be logged in to Bangladesh or any other country’s server. That’s annoying isn’t it?

Well, today I will show you how to know VPN with fake server locations. There are three useful tools to identify fake VPN server locations either on Android, iOS or PC which are provided here.

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Research reveals that both free and paid VPN providers are guilty of this, some even
collect and share user data with third parties.

For instance, Opera offers “free VPN” services but it’s not actually a VPN – it’s just a proxy service that many people consider to be insecure. You should also know that Opera’s privacy policy is particularly bad when it comes to collecting and sharing user data with third parties. With most of these free VPNs, your data is usually collected and sold to the highest bidder. (You are the product.).

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1. CA App Synthetic Monitor ping test
This ping test tool allow you to ping the VPN server from 90 different worldwide locations, it enables you to narrow down the locations with basic triangulation. The lower the lower the time (ms), the closer the server is to a given location.

2. CA App Synthetic Monitor traceroute

The tool allow you to Traceroute and test server from various worldwide locations. just as first one, traceroute allow you to spot the real locations with the lower time (ms).

3. Ping.pe

Just as the first and second tools,
ping.pe allow you to ping VPN server from 24 different worldwide locations. This tool also includes traceroutes for each location (MTR).

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The above tools will help you to cross check, test and identify the true location of a VPN server.

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