Check Out the Newest 9mobile APN for faster internet Connection

I thought of making 9mobile customers aware of this as not much people is aware of the New 9mobile APN since when they had to change the brand new. Most customers on the 9mobile Network are still using the former default settings of Etisalat although this still works well but I have realised different thing entirely, Read on.

I have to switch on and off my Data uncountable times before I can browse with 9mobile sim with Normal data and this is a set back or sometimes the network just switch off completely and this is annoying if you are browsing through web pages that are important but I have found a fix for this so to this who still use ETISALAT as APN should Change to the Newest APN on 9mobile.

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If you do encounter the same problem just the way I do quickly change from ETISALAT to 9MOBILE and experience another internet speed entirely.

9mobile is the new APN, Go to Settings>> Mobile Network/Cellular Network>>Select Network and Add the New APN.

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That All, Comment below if you are still having issues..

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