How To Get Free 200MB from 9mobile

I was totally surprised to See another Text messege from 9mobile informing me I can get free 200MB for them by downloading an App. Well if you do follow our posts on this blog you would recalled that We have gotten load of free Megabytes from Etisalat now known as 9mobile and among them is Getting Free 200MB by download MyEtisalat App and the other one is by getting Through their Website without downloading MyEtisalat App making a total of 400MB. This was just the freebies Etisalat unleashed to their customer before winding up and not to also forget free 750MB offer.

This is totally different from the ones we have got back then and it is by downloading the Timely based Plan app named “BLAZEON” which I have already share a post on how it works for subscribing to timely based plan for unlimited surfing and downloading.

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I am going to show you how to get your free 200MB from 9mobile, the steps are just as simple as you make think which just required an App download.


✔ first of all download Blazeon from HERE or from their text message by texting Blazeon to 229

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✔ Register with your mobile number and you will be sent a 5 digit PIN to complete your registration.

Note: You will be credited in 24 hours so don’t panic when you don’t receive it instantly, You can get up to 1GB from 5 9mobile Sims, All you need to do is to Clear APP DATA and CACHE then proceed to registering another sim.

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