How To use Your Android Device To Control PC/Laptop

Have you ever thought how possible you can remotely control your PC/Laptops with your Android Device? Often times you imagine how powerful you can use your Android device to do some things you wish you can but doesn’t know how to go about it. Staying miles away from your PC/Laptops and you wish you can just remotely control it just the way you control your Gadgets like TV, Radio, Air Cooler with Remote. Yeah, you can also Do the same using your Android Device for PC/Laptop which I will guide you vividly on how to Control Your PC/Laptop using Remote.

Having funtime or making out time with friends then your playing a movie video or music and you wanted to change it without a wireless mouse pad to the next video or music on the playlist, it is very possible to use Your Android Devices miles away from your PC/Laptops.

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This is a full guide on how to Use Android Device to Control Your PC/Laptops, with this guide you will see the how easily and fun it is in using your Android Device in Controlling your PC/Laptop. In addition it is very possible to also use Android Device to shutdown your PC/Laptops anywhere anytime.

✔ Chrome Remote Desktop For Android installed
✔ Chrome Browser for PC
✔ Chrome Remote Desktop plugins for Chrome Browser for PC

How to Remotely Control PC/Laptop Using Android Device

Follow the guide carefully to achieve this without Errors.

✔ Download Chrome Remote Desktop App from Play store

✔ Also Download Chrome Browser on PC if you don’t have and then install Chrome Remote Desktop app in the Chrome Browser. If you don’t know how to to install the plugin then Follow the guides below

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>> In your Chrome Browser on PC, Go to the address bar and type “chrome://apps” without including the quotes then click on Webstore and search for the plugin “Chrome Remote Desktop” from the store and click “Add to Chrome Browser” located at the right hand side.

✔ From the Chrome browser on your PC type “chrome://apps” in the address bar of your chrome and click Chrome Remote Desktop from the list.

✔ Go to My Computers, Click “Enable Remote Connections” and Download to Install it’s tools.

✔ After complete installation of the Tools, Enter the Address bar on Chrome Browser for PC and address bar from the Chrome Browser and type “chrome://apps” then click Chrome Remote Desktop and click Enable Remote Connections which is located under “My Computers”

✔ set your Pin Code and then Click OK.

✔ Launch Chrome Remote Desktop app on Your Android Device and Tap on the Model name of your PC/Laptop name and type in your Pin Code You use to remotely gain access to your PC/Laptop.

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Congratulation you have successfully Connect your Android Device to Your PC/Laptop which you will remotely control but make sure you use the same Google account on your PC and Android Phone for Effectiveness.

Having troubles or issues Connecting it? Comment below

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