How To Earn Unlimited Free Airtime with Caribou Digital Data

Wow I am very happy as I am receiving free airtime from Caribou digital Data, this program is an online platform where you take on research and earn from it and also you can get #800 Worth of Airtime for All Network of your choice. Well there is nothing much to know Caribou, just like Raadaa where you take on research too. The best of caribou is that you can get free #1600 Airtime on MTN, AIRTEL, GLO 9MOBILE.

Caribou Digital Data is a study survey on how people get to use their phones on the daily basis. I have Get almost more than #1600 from different Network As I keep uninstalling the app and Start Another Sign up Process again. You can as well join the Trend, let’s get started.

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How To Earn Unlimited Airtime with Caribou Digital Data
✔ Sign up Here through the link
✔ Click on join the study and you will be prompted to enter your details.
✔ Enter your full name, Email (optional) Gender, Age and ✔ Usage.
Sign up and you will get Message like the Screenshot below

✔ You will be provided with a download link, Download the App and the second step is to Enter unique Code On that Same Page.
✔ Caribou Digital Data will confirm Your registration and you will receive a message like this screenshot below Enjoy!!

Note: After Receiving your #800 Airtime within 72 hours, Uninstall the App and Re-register with another Number to keep getting more Airtime.

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More Info
It is advisable to uninstall the App because we are not sure what form of Source it requires to get its Data to avoid stories that touches..

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