How To Fix Water Damaged Android Phone

Are you stock in between thought of what to do when your Android device falls into water? Guess you do want such to happen and even if that does happen then this article will fully be a guide to revive your Android Device from getting damage and works fine even after falling into a pool of water.

I won’t want such neither but mistakes are bound to happen an in such case you tend to look for the best way out to fix such mistake so this article will guide you what to do when your Android Phone fall into water. Follow the guidelines below

How To Fix Water Damaged Android Phone

✔ Quickly turn off your Android phone and remove the battery immediately.

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✔ Secondly the best practice also is to remove the protective cover and make sure you separate all part of the Android phone.

✔ Also remove the MicroSD card, Sim Cards and Memory card from the Slot

✔ use a moisture Absorber like a dry clean cloth to wipe off water surface and Do not spread all around to avoid further openings.

✔ Get bag filled with Uncooked Rice and Deep your Android Phone into it, believe me this works great.

✔ Leave it for at least 2 days for it to be completely dried as Uncooked rice is a greater absorber of moisture.

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✔ Leave it For 2 days or more and don’t be tempted to ON it before the stipulated time.

✔ Now after waiting for 2 days or so, Remove your phone and Insert the battery to see if there is a positive change.

✔ If it refuses to ON, Recharge your Android battery and Test it over again to see if it will be ON but if otherwise take it to a professional engineer for a fix.

✔ If this method works fine, keep an eye on your device in case of unexpected behaviour but without further problem, Never take your Android Phone to Point of water moisture to avoid repetition and further Damage.

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Try out these guide for your Android water damage phone and see how best it works.

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