RMD reveals why he joined the ‘Beard Gang Family’


Veteran Nigerian actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo a.ka. RMD has been in the movie scene for a while now but went away for sometime to become a commissioner in his state. When he emerged back into the acting scene he wore a new look which many people love.
The actor wore a white beardwhich his fans are loving. RMD revealed why he decided to keep his beardin an interview with Punch. His revelation will shock you. See details below:
“I hate to shave, so once I have an opportunity not to work, I let it grow,” he told Punchin a new interview.
“I don’t keep it for the sake of grooming it. I just leave my beard because I don’t want to shave. I would say that shaving is about the most personal thing I hate to do and it is because I’d have to stop everything I am doing just to shave.”
He continued, “Ironically, it is one of the most therapeutic things for me. If I need to calm down fast, all I do is shave and that is simply because I have to be calm to shave. So it helps me as well. I keep a clean shaved head not because it is a brand identity but because I cannot keep an afro. Since my hair does not grow enough to become an afro,I just keep it clean.”

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