Breaking! Germany election: Merkel wins fourthh term, exit poll says

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been re-elected for a fourth term in federal elections, exit polls suggest.

Her conservative CDU/CSU alliance has won 32.5% of the vote, remaining the largest party in Germany’s parliament, according to the ARD poll.

Its coalition partner, the social democratic SPD, has gained 20%.

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Meanwhile, the AfD, a nationalist, anti-Islam party, was on track to win 13.5%, emerging as Germany’s third-strongest party. This is the first time that AfD will be seated in the German Parliament, the Bundestag.

Exit poll results:

CDU/CSU – 32.5%
SPD – 20%
AfD – 13.5%
FDP – 10.5%
Greens – 9.5%
Left party – 9%

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