Sponsored post: Top 5 tips to improve your Internet speed

Are you sick and tired of waiting forever until the pages and files finally download? Is your real Internet speed much lower that your provider promises? We are going to share with the opinions of experts who will tell you what may be causing this problem and how to handle it.
If you don’t know how to fix your slow internet, opt for these simple steps!
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· Try not to use telephone extension cables. Instead insert your router plug into your master phone socket.
· Make sure that all the phones in your house use a microfilter in order to prevent the connected phones from interfering and derange your broadband.
· Place the router high and far from any objects that can interfere with the Internet speed.
· Do regular virus checks since viruses can download and upload data from your PC that will inevitably disrupt your connection speed.
· Change the channel of the router from the default setting in order to reduce the interference from other wireless networks you have in the neighborhood.

If nothing helps…

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If none of these methods helped, you can always change the internet provider!
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There are different packages for various needs and they can include a WiFi router. You can use Smile’s super-fast Internet connection without a router in your smartphone or tablet.
Smile offers broadband connection with speeds of up to 21Mbps!
In 2015, Smile could boast of having the biggest 4G LTE mobile broadband network throughout Africa and the company keeps on expanding its coverage. In 2016 Smile started SuperClear voice, video and SMS services through LTE that gave its customers an opportunity to use a single data bundle for SuperFast Internet and SuperClear voice services.

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